Movement to Oppose

 The Lake Elsinore Advanced Pump Storage (LEAPS) Project

 The Santa Margarita Group (SMG) of the Sierra Club is opposed to the project named above and wants its members to be aware of it and its ramifications.
Stakeholders--residents of Lake Elsinore, Lakeland Village and other local areas-- plan to form a Political Action Committee (PAC) to oppose it; see contact info, below.

What the project proposes:

Permanent installation of a water pump system to take water from Lake Elsinore to a reservoir in Decker Canyon in the Ortega Mountains, then use the water to generate electricity for San Diego County.
Installation of 180-foot towers and 32 miles of cable in forested areas
Water will be pumped during the day and released to generate electricity at night.

Who will benefit:

San Diego County, in the form of electricity
Nevada Hydroelectric, as the builder and provider, will gain financially

Negative effects:

Will kill living organisms in the lake, thereby killing wildlife that depend on them
Will threaten wildlife habitat in the Cleveland National Forest
Will add to fire threat in local mountains due to electrical activity overhead
Will drastically lower the level of Lake Elsinore, reducing recreational usage, tourism, property values

Will limit availability of lake’s water for firefighting 

The information below was excerpted from the internet: News Desk, News Partner | Dec 21, 2017 9:09 am ET | Updated Dec 22, 2017 3:48 pm ET

The LEAPS Project is a hydroelectric project that consists of an upper and lower reservoir with a set of tunnels running between them. When electrical energy is in high demand, the water in the upper reservoir is released through tunnels flowing down to turbines at the powerhouse. The upper reservoir becomes, in effect, a source of stored energy.

For LEAPS, the Lake [Elsinore] would serve as the "lower reservoir" and the upper reservoir would be constructed in the Cleveland National Forest at Decker Canyon (just south of State Route 74). The pump/powerhouse facility would be located near the Lake on the west side of Grand Avenue in the Lakeland Village area (and is typically referred to as the Santa Rosa Powerhouse). To power the pumps and deliver the generated electricity onto the state's electrical grid, LEAPS also involves the construction of approximately 32 miles of 500 kV transmission lines and towers.

Facebook public group: Stop LEAPS

Add your name to: LEAPSoppositionteam@gmail.com