Building Sustainable Communities

Biking in Santa Barbara

Help us build livable, sustainable communities. We believe these are achievable goals in the Santa Barbara area:

  • Become the #1 market for electric cars for the population.
  • Become the most bike-friendly area in the state.
  • Fun and affordable public transportation.
  • Well planned and walkable communities rather than sprawl.
  • All new buildings are net zero and produce as much energy as they use.

Actions include:

  • We got MTD to set a goal of 100% electric buses by 2030 and we are supporting their grant applications to help fund this transition.
  • We are helping our cities and counties establish carbon-neutral building codes and no gas pipelines in new construction. Listen to the story on these podcasts: City Climate Corner and Drilled
  • Supporting electric charging stations and infrastructure, such as Santa Barbara County's decision to purchase 100% EVs for county vehicles and to develop a community EV Plan.
  • Participated in the adoption and implementation of Santa Barbara and Goleta's Master Bike Plans. 
  • Encourage bikeways across the south coast. See bike coalition