Promoting Renewable Energy

solar panels

Santa Barbara has abundant sun and wind and could be a leader in renewable energy and green building.

100% Renewable Energy Goal

We have been leading the charge on renewable energy. On June 6, 2017 Santa Barbara became the 30th city in the nation to set a goal of 100% renewable energy and in December 2017, Goleta became the 50th city to do so. Now hundreds of cities across the country and entire states, including California, have set the goal of achieving 100% renewable energy. We are working with our local cities and county to implement policies and programs to acheive these goals. 

Actions Include:

  • Successfully advocated for Community Choice programs as a way to accelerate renewable energy adoption. See Santa Barbara Clean Energy and Central Coast Community Energy
  • Utility-scale solar projects in Cuyama and efforts to designate other areas in the county for utility-scale solar.
  • Approval of the Lompoc Wind Project
  • Approval of large battery storage projects in Carpinteria and Goleta
  • Defeat of new gas power plants
  • Encourage schools, water districts, businesses and homeowners to add solar and batteries