Combating Climate Change

Signs of a Warming World

Climate change poses an urgent threat that requires immediate action.

The latest reports from the IPCC, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, states unequivocally that human influence on the climate system is already impacting all continents, reducing grain yields worldwide and costing human lives. It says, “We have little time before the window of opportunity to stay within 2ºC of warming closes.” It further states that we need to reduce emissions by 40 to 70 percent between 2010 and 2050 and to zero by 2100 to avoid “severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems.”

Actions Include:

  • Educate people about the climate crisis and need for urgent action.
  • Work to ensure the County and City Climate Action Plans have strong goals and actions. Ensure we do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions locally -- in line with what scientists say we need to do to prevent catastrophic warming. This includes increasing local renewable energy and reducing emissions from traffic and other sources.