4 Original Enviro-Themed Halloween Costumes

Last-minute costumes don't have to be crummy. Sierra's interns came up with four enviro-themed, eco-friendly costumes that are easy to make with supplies on hand.

Text and photographs by Madison Kotack

October 29, 2015

Hipster John Muir

Hipster John Muir

What environmentalist wouldn't want a selfie with John Muir? Fulfill the inevitable photo requests while tweeting stuff like, "I liked wind power before it was current," and "Already hiked it, bro."

You might have to raid thrift stores for this look—but first, see what you can rummage up from older relatives' closets. If you don't have a fake beard in your costume collection, draw it (and your tattoos) on with non-toxic facepaint.

Hillary Clinton and #TrumpDog

Hilary Clinton and #TrumpDog

No need to close your door on those puppy dog eyes this year: Buck the #TrumpCat trend by dressing your pup as #TrumpDog (while you stride in as a pearlclad Hillary). To pull off these costumes, you'll need cotton balls, orange paint (aim for a stale Cheetos look), and old work clothes.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Other than "President Donald Trump," not much is scarier than a gargantuan trash vortex in the middle of the ocean.

To create this villainous cape, cut a hole in an old blue sheet and use a hot glue gun to attach your favorite flotsam. Don't forget to recycle these items when you're done (or, better yet, reuse the costume next year).

Scandalous Volkswagen

Scandalous Volkswagen Costume

If you're feeling cheeky, this is the costume for you—you'll get more looks than Marilyn Monroe did when your clean diesel skirt flies up. You'll need two cardboard boxes, duct tape, and a bit of artistic flair. Rip the flaps off one box to make your car body, then attach a panel from the second box with duct tape to make your hood.