About Us

The Tehipite Chapter of the Sierra Club is one of 13 chapters in California, and serves the counties of Fresno, Madera, Merced, and Mariposa.  We currently have 1860 members.

Our volunteer activists engage in (1) Lobbying for and against legislation at all levels of government, (2) Campaign support for state and local candidates pledged to defend our interests, (3) Lawsuits to ensure that local governments are held accountable to their legal requirement to ensure environmental protection, (4) Social interaction at monthly Fresno General and Merced Group meetings, and (5) Outings for the appreciation of our spectacular local wild lands, many of them protected as National and State Parks, Wilderness Areas, and Wildlife Refuges.

Anyone is welcome to attend our general, group, and committee meetings and to participate in our outings. Their dates, times and locations are published in our quarterly newsletter, Tehipite Topics, and in the Calendar on the Home page of this website.

Please join us!

Contact Us

Contact Information for the Tehipite Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs.

Chapter Achievements

Each year we tackle important issues that threaten to degrade the quality of our environment and erode the protections already in place to protect our wild heritage.  This past year the chapter has been active in addressing climate change and air quality, the movement to ban fracking, protecting water quality in the ground and in the rivers, opposing the construction of Temperance Flat Dam, developing sound and sustainable land use and transportation plans, and offering advice on the revision of management plans for Sierra National Forest, Yosemite National Park, and Kings Canyon National Park and stewardship plans for the wilderness areas within the parks and forests.

We continue to need your help for these many ongoing, including lobbying your elected representatives, attending public gatherings, writing letters and opinion pieces for publication, and donating to the chapter legal action fund.

More information about our recent accomplishments is available on this page.

Chapter Policy Documents

Chapter by-laws can be accessed online on this page.