National Forests

Tehipite Chapter Participation in Our National Forests

The Tehipite Chapter provides connections, oversight and participation in national forest issues to protect forested wildlands, wilderness and roadless areas, water and watersheds, wildlife and recreation on the 1.3 million acre Sierra National Forest and the Hume Lake Ranger District of Sequoia National Forest that contains a portion of Giant Sequoia National Monument.

On federal lands, the Chapter advocates for protection of wilderness and roadless areas, mature and old growth forests, and robust investments in ecological protection that maintains and restores fish and wildlife habitat, forest ecosystems and healthy watersheds. The Chapter participates in forest management processes, collaborates with conservation partners, works directly with forest managers and leadership, and actively participates as members on special projects.

National Forest Goals:

  • protect our public lands from increasing demands including new development, recreation pressures, sustainable vehicle uses and energy production;
  • campaigns to preserve protected species, special areas, and natural and cultural resources;
  • ensure that forests are properly managed to protect remaining old growth habitat and to restore natural processes; and to maintain clean water, healthy forests, manageable road and trail systems;
  • protect large areas of and connectivity between undeveloped public lands in order to ensure resilient habitat for endangered and threatened species, native plants and wildlife;
  • limit impacts of climate change, shrinking and migrating habitats for flora and fauna as sufficient high-quality habitat must remain so that species can adapt to our global and local changing climate. 

Major Chapter projects are:

  • Sierra, Sequoia & Inyo National Forest Early Adopter Forest Plan Revisions
  • Wilderness Area Project
  • Travel Analysis of Forest Roads
  • Off Highway Vehicle Use Management
  • Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project
  • Giant Sequoia National Monument
  • Dinkey Landscape Restoration Project/Collaborative
  • Wildfire Recovery/Restoration Projects
    • Aspen Recover and Restoration Project
    • French Fire Recovery and Restoration Project
  • Whisky Ridge Ecological Restoration Project
  • Ferguson Rock Slide/Ferguson Slide Restoration Project

The Chapter’s National Forest mission is always looking for any volunteers interested in National Forest issues to join our team.

Contact  Trudy Tucker, Tehipite Chapter National Forest Chair at:

posted on March 24, 2015

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