Merced Group News

Merced Group Needs a Little Help

Many hands do make lighter the work, so the leadership of the Merced Group is looking for some folks willing to be a contact person and provide some support in the following areas:   
Web site updater: update our portion of the Tehipite Chapter's website once or twice a month with news on what we've been up to and info on upcoming speakers and events.
 - Agriculture: help keep the executive committee and conservation chair appraised of any topics or issues in the ag arena, particularly within Merced County.
 - Conservation: this is a little meatier position since it covers a wide umbrella of topics.  Others will provide info and input but someone needs to serve as a central clearing house and filter to help us focus on the most pertinent issues for our Group.  Usually our attention is centered on issues of air and water quality, land use and wise growth, protection of farmland and  natural spaces. Share info by attending the ExCom meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, 7:30-9:00.
If you can help in one of these capacities, or have a relevant area of interest of your own, please contact Cindy at (209) 761-0081 for more info on how to become involved.