About Us

The Merced Group covers the northern portion of the Tehipite Chapter’s region, which includes both Merced and Mariposa Counties.  We are active in local environmental issues to preserve open space, promote effective land use and transportation planning, protect mountain wilderness and valley wetlands, and restore free-flowing rivers. We oppose fracking and the construction of more hydroelectric dams, preferring water conservation, groundwater recharge, and the development of renewable energy resources.

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Merced Group Events / Meetings / Outings

Merced Group Executive Committee Meetings

We are currently meeting via Zoom, usually at 7:30 on the first Wednesday of each month with the exception of the summer months. We discuss local, state, and national conservation issues and all Sierra Club members are invited to attend. Please contact us at Sierra for the Zoom link.

Merced Group Monthly General Meetings

General Membership meetings are conducted via Zoom and are generally held monthly except during the summer months. All Sierra Club members and the public as well are cordially invited to join us. Program topics and speakers vary — some educate on environmental issues, and others are more entertaining and hopefully inspire folks to get out and enjoy our natural treasures. The Topics, the Tehipite Chapter website, and local newspapers often have details on our monthly general meetings, but to make sure info is accurate and up-to-date, email us at and get on the email list for notifications and occasional updates on important issues of local concern.