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SIerra Club Tennessee Middle Tennessee Group knows that Political Issues, Elections and Legislative Activity are a major part of protecting and enhancing our environment.

Voting is an important responsibility, both as a citizen and as a member of Sierra Club. That's how you make your voice heard. Climate change is one of the really big issues at stake. The officials we elect next will be the ones to carry out our response. Please vote on November 3rd. But remember, to vote you must first be registered. 

In Tennessee you can register to vote at:

1. For Davidson County (Nashville) residents, our local Elections Authority is the Davidson County Election Commission.  Their page has some good summary information plus useful links to the answers to a number of common questions, including:

 - relevant dates and deadlines, 
 - am I registered/what do I need to vote
 - do I qualify for mail-in voting

2. For residents of other Tennessee Counties, your county will have an Election Commission that administers elections and voting.  To find information about your local Commission, and to obtain any general information about registering and voting in TN, the best starting place is the State’s Secretary of State office which administers elections at the state level and which produces the voter registration form used by all counties in the state.  

Their web site has downloadable Voter Registration forms, information about voting requirements and dates/deadlines, option to check your registration status, sample ballots, and other election FAQs.

You may also download the GoVoteTN app for your mobile device at the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play store.

Mail-in Ballots and Absentee Voting

If you are considering a mail-in ballot, please check the current guidelines published by the Tennessee Secretary of State. In Davidson County you must request a mail-in ballot for the General Election even if you previously requested one for the primaries. Mail-in ballots are expected to be delivered to the Davidson County Election Committee Office by September 15.

NOTE: According to the Tennessee Secretary of State, you cannot hand deliver your ballot!
Can I hand deliver my mail-in ballot to the election office?
No. You must return your ballot by mail (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.).