Sustainability in Metro Nashville Public Schools

District administration must show support by:

  • providing encouragement to existing efforts to promote sustainability education in schools
  • granting permission to the amazing projects bubbling up all around the district.  
  • affirming sustainability will free principals to incorporate sustainability into school culture.
  • hiring a sustainability coordinator to provide coordination of existing programs and vision for future programing.

Immediate Actions:

  • Share Tables and Food Redirection: In addition to its many benefits this first step makes composting less daunting! (WES rescued 10,000 lbs. of food in 2 ½ years.)   
  • Composting:   While this is more difficult to do it is necessary and schools need to be encouraged to experiment and find ways to compost cafeteria waste.  One model used by Westmeade was to use the city’s industrial composting company.
  • Recycling:  All schools could recycle cardboard, paper, and water bottles.
  • Promoting existing outdoor education: including work with Metro Water, Metro Parks, and volunteers to use outdoor education spaces to engender a love of nature and allow teachers to explore science, math, literature  and sustainability in gardens, parks, and on playgrounds.