Making Calls to Elected Officials

Making calls to elected officials is usually the most reliable way to get your message to an elected official. A letter or a postcard is also reliable. Emails ofthen go unread and faxes often do not go through and are therefore not as reliable.

Call your federal Senators and Representatives via the congressional swithboard at (202) 224-3121. 

A great site for national level officials is at Govtrack

Find who represents you at the state and national levels at "Who Represents Me?" 


1. When you call, know what you are going to say and plan your talking points. Write a call script.

2. Share you call script on social media for others to use and modify.

Sample call script:

"Hello. I am calling to ask Senator Cornyn to deny funding for Trump's border wall and to demand a full accounting of the damage that border wall do in border communities. Border wall do not stop people from crossing the border, but they are a catastrophe for border communities and borderlands. People living there will lose their land, or be cut off from the rest of the United States. Parks and wildlife refuges like Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge will be caused b deadly floods. Like the majority of Americans, I am in favor of a Dream Act but strongly opposed to Trump's border wall. Thank you."