Fall Tree Planting

Tree Planting Projects – Volunteers Needed 

Contact for more information or to volunteer: Jake Johnson , jake at paradyneproductions.com

The Four Lakes group is teaming up with Dane County and other organizations to plant hundreds of trees starting this fall and continuing in the spring. While many of us may have homes or live in neighborhoods with lots of trees, we don’t realize that there are other areas that have a lack of trees and other vegetation. Our focus is on areas in need of tree canopy, where we can help to achieve some measure of equity by strategically planting in underserved neighborhoods in need of greenery. 

Planting trees is a traditional and effective way to achieve the added benefits that trees bring to our communities. Trees and shrubs can offer many benefits including providing shade and cooling and respite from the hot sun. They help remove pollutants and clean the air. They can also be effective at screening – both visually as well as noise. They also provide some measure of serenity and beauty. In addition, they help battle climate change by taking in CO2 and providing oxygen.  

We already have a fun and motivated group of people interested in this issue, but we could use a number of volunteers or smaller groups to be a part of tree planting projects. It’s also an opportunity to learn about different trees and how to properly plant and care for them while we are improving our community and the planet.

It’s great for families and volunteers of all ages, so if you’d like to help, email Jake at jake@paradymeproductions.com with your contact info and we’ll get back to you and let you know about tree planting events when we have them ready to schedule.