Get Involved

Volunteers Make It Happen!

There are many ways you can get involved with the Four Lakes Group and the Sierra Club as a whole. Sierra Club volunteers write social media posts, articles for newsletters and letters to the editor. They hike and explore the outdoors together. They determine conservation goals for the Sierra Club and the show up at public hearings and events. They research issues and write reports and educate each other and the community. No experience is required and we can help you find something that grabs your interest. The Sierra Club provides opportunities to grow with your interests. We look forward to meeting you! 

Please sign up for our eNews to get alerts when we need help at events or other specific volunteer needs. Here are a sampling of some of our volunteer needs and roles:


What’s on your mind?  What issue do you think needs more attention?  Creative volunteer writers are always needed to write blogs, social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram) and newsletter articles. And if you don't have experience in one or more of these media outlets and would like to learn, the Sierra Club has great trainings and tools available to help you get started. For more info, please contact Don Ferber.

Newsletter writer/editor

The Four Lakes Group of the Sierra Club publishes our Four Lakes Sierra newsletter 3 times a year. We're looking for people with skills and an interest in writing, editing and/or layout. Graphic skills may also be useful. Generally 8 pages, the newsletter comes out in early January, May and September each year. Our Group works on the content to provide information on our campaigns, activities and volunteers. Requires a computer, but you can work from home and use whatever software you have.  For more info, please contact Don Ferber.

Community Crier

Remember the days of the old town crier? Well, we’re looking for people in communities or counties within the Four Lakes area to share information about events, happenings, or other newsworthy items we can share with fellow Sierra Club members. We need your eyes and ears so that Sierra Club related opportunities or activities for people in your area won’t be missed. There is also the opportunity to share activities and events on Facebook or other social media.  For more info, please contact Don Ferber.

Outings Leader

One of Sierra Club’s primary missions is to encourage participation in outdoor activities and experience nature’s beauty. If you have a love for the outdoors and have special places or activities you'd like to enjoy with other people, you can do that with the backing and support of the Sierra Club. Choose the location and the activity you enjoy that fit our guidelines, and you can help people explore, enjoy and protect the planet, and the special places you love - and we'll help promote the outings. It's a great way to connect with others who want to enjoy the outdoors and protect our environment. 

There are required trainings regarding Sierra Club procedures and policies that can be done online and also a first aid course that we can pay for.  For longer, overnight outings, additional training is required. Outings leadership is a very rewarding opportunity. For more information, please contact Kathy Mulbrandon.

COVID-19 Alert: All official Sierra Club outings, events and gatherins have been suspended. In this time of COVID-19, we encourage you to stay safe and enjoy the outdoors only in the company of your immediate family or COVID-19 "bubble". Consider doing virtual outings where you can invite others to join you online.

Recycling Away from Home

(NOTE: This program is on hold for as most 2020 festivals are cancelled.)
We're working to reduce waste and set an example for others to follow. The Four Lakes Group Sierra Club’s Recycling Away from Home (RAH) program is working to create a community culture of less waste. We participate in four summer east side Madison festivals to assist with the trash and recycling, and limit the amount of waste. 

We have several opportunities where you can contribute:

  • Shift worker at the festival to monitor trash and recycling receptacles to keep materials in the right container. At some festivals we also change out and haul full bags to large dumpsters.

  • Day captain to be the main contact for the day and ensure our efforts are going smoothly.

  • Event waste reduction coordinator to manage volunteers at an event and help out as needed.

  • Volunteer acquisition to help find volunteers to work shifts at each event.

 For more info, please contact Don Ferber.

Issue and Advocacy Committees 

If issue work and advocacy is your interest, we have a number of ongoing projects and campaigns. The active list of campaigns/projects is below and interested volunteers should go to the Issue and Advocacy Work pages to learn more about each campaigns goals and how to volunteer your help.

  • Beyond Coal To Clean Energy and MGE Go Coal Free

  • Local Climate Work

  • Parks and Public Lands - Access & Equity

  • Politics and Elections

  • Transportation

  • Water

Is there an issue missing here that needs attention?  Sierra Club members drive our policy goals and advocacy and we invite interested volunteer members to help make sure we don’t miss an important local issue.  Sierra Club members can take advantage of Club resources and training to help prepare successful activism, education, outreach, and advocacy.  Please contact Dave Blouin.

Executive Committee (Board) Members  

The Four Lakes Group is the regional Sierra Club entity with more than 5,500 members in nine counties in south central Wisconsin: Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Green, Iowa, Jefferson, Lafayette, Rock and Sauk. We are led by an elected Executive Committee that organizes meetings, programs, outings, fundraising, and teams to work on conservation and policy goals - all to protect the environment and increase our influence.  

The board meets monthly for approximately 1.5 hours in person or online.  Estimated additional time would be two to three hours per week working with a subcommittee or on one of the other organizational needs of the Group.  If you’re in our Group territory and interested in joining a dynamic team of dedicated volunteer leaders, we invite you to apply to join the Four Lakes Group Executive Committee. Contact Liz Wessel to learn more about the opportunity to serve. Elections occur annually with a varying number of spaces available.