Climate and Energy


Wyoming is facing a huge challenge:  We need bold climate action now.  The unprecedented pace and scale of the climate crisis demands it. The Sierra Club Wyoming Chapter (SCWC) is working diligently to build the people and political power we need to make change and create a future where all people can thrive on a healthy planet. To do that we must drastically cut our greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning away from fossil fuels, develop sustainable economic practices that put people over profits, and build a community of engaged leaders and activists who are willing to work together towards this shared vision.

We can’t do it without you. 

Please get involved, renew your membership, donate to our cause if you can, and join our Energy Team.  Wyoming is worth fighting for!  Wyoming is worth protecting!  



Fossil Fuels

Wyoming’s economy is heavily reliant on fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. We currently source around 40% of the nation's coal and are the 8th largest producer of oil in the country. These non-renewable resources are used to produce electricity for our homes and businesses and fuel our vehicles, the two leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions. While there is no doubt that developing fossil fuels has provided serious economic benefits to our state, we can no longer rely on them to sustain our future.




 Renewable Energy 

Wyoming is well situated to develop renewable energy. With an abundance of wind, sun, and open space, our energy future could rely heavily on developing these resources as traditional fossil fuels are expeditiously phased out. Sierra Club’s Ready for 100% and Beyond Coal campaigns are actively working with cities, communities, and volunteers to ensure a clean energy future. Join our Energy Team to get involved and learn more about how you can help.