Red Desert Art Gallery

 Wyoming’s Red Desert has long piqued the interest of many an artist’s brush tip, pen point, and camera shutter. For our first-ever Red Desert art contest, we invited artists from all backgrounds and interests to submit work that connected them in some way to the Red Desert. Each submission was so impressive that we wanted to showcase them all! The submissions below are examples of how the expansive landscapes of the Red Desert and our experiences in them can help inspire our creativity. 

Lander Burton


Honey Comb from afar
Oil on paper 
9" x 12" 



 Red Desert
 Oil on paper
42" x 60"
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Ruth McBride


Photo of younger sisters near Rock Springs

My first piece is a picture I took of my two younger sisters outside of Rock Springs. Our great-great grandfather immigrated from Denmark and worked his way for the railroad to Wyoming, after saving up enough money, he went back to Denmark to bring the rest of his family here with him.


 Photograph of wild horses on Little Mountain

This piece is of wild horses I saw on Little Mountain. The song across the top I came up with while walking around the petroglyphs at White Mountain.
I painted the frames myself to bring a sense of cohesiveness to these pieces.


Kathleen Jacobson

Feathers and Discs
Silver Pendant

A “Tiny Sculpture” with hand made silver details on a textured surface.  The landscape within the Berber Agate gemstone is reminiscent of the Red Desert.  Feathers and discs represent the Shoshone spiritual sites within the Red Desert.  Dangling rectangular shapes that move with one’s body when wearing, are suggestive of the wind that forms the Killpecker Sand Dunes within the Red Desert.

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L.E. Schafer

All Ears
Oil on canvas
36” x 46” 
You can find more of L.E. Shafer's work at "L.E.Schafer Fine Art" on Facebook & Instagram


Mark Headley

Photograph of Jack Morrow Hills in early May

Jasmine Krueger

Graphic Design

Jasmine Krueger is a Multimedia Artist and Educator, in Wyoming. She received her BFA in Art Education and Fine Art from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and her Associates Degree in Secondary Education from Saint Louis Community College. She has exhibited artwork in numerous galleries including the Spivak, Rude and Alumni Galleries at RMCAD, 40 West Gallery, ReCreative Denver, and The Anton Art Center. Jasmine's work takes form across all mediums, although she focuses most on, graphic design, photography and painting. You can see her current work on Display at both the Green River Library and the Community Fine Arts Center in Rock Springs. Jasmine loves using her artwork to explore the world around her and focuses her work on the underlying themes of; identity, connection, vulnerability and nostalgia.

To see more of her work please check out her website:



Ben Nathan


Motif for Identity.11
 Intaglio Etching with Chine Collé
17.75" x 8.75"

I mixed the ink colors for this piece as a response to the rich red earthy tones of the unique rock formations of the Red Desert. The overall intention with this composition was to evoke memories of the dry heat of a late-summer sunset in Southwestern Wyoming, with the ever-present livestock looking on.

Motif for Identity. 19
Intaglio Etching 
24" x 8.75" 

I made this original print as a response to years of living through winters in the high-mountain desert of Sweetwater County. I see this particular composition as a winter landscape, reminiscent of the feeling of swirling winds, and the biting cold of the gray winters of the red desert area.


 Thank you to all the artists who participated. If you feel inspired to protect the Red Desert, then join our Wyoming 30x30 Team to help protect 30% of lands and waters by 2030.