Central Arkansas Group (CAG)

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The Central Arkansas Group of Sierra Club is one of two groups of the Sierra Club Arkansas Chapter. Central Arkansas Group (CAG) boundaries are roughly the southeastern half of the state with our sister group the Ozark Headwaters Group covering the northwestern half. (See map for boundaries.) People who live within CAG boundaries are automatically enrolled in our group when they join the national Sierra Club.

Clark Wetlands Boardwalk, Little Rock 

Photo shows part of the boardwalk through the Clark Wetlands, located just northwest of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.

The Central Arkansas Nature Center is at left of photo (next to the Arkansas River) just beyond the Interstate-30 bridge.

Photo was taken from a 100-year old former railroad bridge (across the river) that was recently converted for walking/biking use.

May 14 during high water May 14 boardwalk submerged during high water

The current CAG membership is made up of approximately 1550 members.  For more information about the CAG, visit their Facebook Group


The Central Arkansas Group (CAG) meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month except August and December in the party room of the Oyster Bar at 3003 West Markham in Little Rock. Social time  begins at 6:30 pm and the program starts at 7 pm. You do not have to be a member of the Sierra Club to attend. The meeting schedule is shown below. For other events, select the Events tab, then Club Events from the drop-down menu.

2015 - Upcoming

August - No meeting in August

September 15 Meeting - Speaker: Blake Sasse from Arkansas Game and Fish will talk about bat populations in Arkansas.

October 20 Meeting - Speaker: Ross Nolan to talk about the Buffalo River Foundation.

November 17 MeetingSpeaker: Walter Collins, Director of Operations and Facilities for the Little Rock Wastewater Utility. Walter is very knowledgeable and a good communicator.  He has  cutting edge of knowledge on wastewater treatment

December - No meeting in December

2015 - Recent Past

July 21 Meeting - Speaker: Becky Williams on Sierra Club activism and the Wolf Project.

June 16 Meeting - Speaker: Chuck Bidding - on National Forest Service Nutrient Testing in Big Creek and Buffalo River (related to the C&G Hog Farm)

May 19 Meeting - Fracking in the Fayetteville Shale - A Focus on Air Quality & Regulatory Responsiveness - This presentation will cover some of the basics of Fracking in Arkansas, and will focus on the results of recent air sampling by community members in the Fayetteville Shale; it will also cover the response by Federal and State regulators who have been presented this air quality data. Speaker: Emily Lane, Director of ArkansasFracking.org, PhD Candidate - Leadership Studies.

April 21 Meeting - Speaker: Anna Weeks, the Environmental Policy Coordinator at the Arkansas Public Policy Panel, will provide a rundown on the state’s legislative initiatives and legislative trends as she sees them for the next session.

March 17 Meeting - Speaker: Eric Sundell, who recently completed work on the new color edition of the Forestry Commission's book Trees of Arkansas, will be discussing the book, showing previous editions, and emphasizing novelties in the new edition. A limited number of copies of the book should be available for sale for $5.

February 17 Meeting - Cancelled due to icy roads

January 20 Meeting - Speaker: Dan Scheiman, bird conservation director with Audubon
- - - - - He works on the Fouche Creek Project and will speak on cleaning up urban environments. '


CAG news is now included with the chapter newsletter. For a selection of past CAG newsletters, click on the links below. For reports on recent events or outings, check Activity Reports under the Events tab on the navigation bar.

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Group Management

The management of the affairs and activities of the Group is in the hands of an Executive Committee (ExCom), consisting of 7 members elected by the group membership for terms of two years. A Chair, a Vice Chair, and a Chapter Delegate and Alternate are selected from ExCom Members. Other officers and positions are selected from Group members but need not be ExCom members. A pdf copy of the group bylaws (formatted to fit on 5 pages) is available HERE.

Executive Committee (ExCom) Elected Members:- updated 1/15/15, 2/12/15

'15-16 - Rel Corbin, George Wise, Robin Rumph
'14-15 - Gary Cawood, Guy Choate, Carolyn Shearman, Becky Williams

Chair - George Wise
Vice Chair - Guy Choate
Chapter Delegate - George Wise [Alternate - Robin Rumph]
Other Officers (need not be ExCom members):

Secretary - Carolyn Shearman
Treasurer - Becky Williams

Standing Committees:

Nominating Committee - Carolyn Shearman (Chair), Becky Williams, Joe Wankum
Election Committee - Carolyn Shearman
Conservation Committee - Bill Saunders

Other Committees:

Membership Committee - Robin Rumph
Outings Chair - Carolyn Shearman; Asst: Gary Cawood
Communications (eMail) - Carolyn Shearman
Communications (Web Site) - Joe Wankum

2014 - Last Year's - Officers / Executive Committee:

2014 Chair - George Wise
2014 Secretary - Leah Wilkinson
2014 Treasurer - Kate Althoff/Becky Williams
2014 Chapter Delegate - George Wise
'13-14 ExCom - George Wise (Chair), Rel Corbin, Leah Wilkinson
'14-15 ExCom - Gary Cawood, Carolyn Shearman,  Joe Wankum***, Becky Williams
***(2014 only)

Fall 2015 Election Schedule (proposed):

8/31 - Nominating Committee (NomCom) appointed
9/15 - Receipt of potential candidate names for consideration by NomCom *
10/13 - NomCom reports names of nominees to ExCom
10/20 -  Names of nominees reported to members *
11/10 - Election Committee appointed
11/17 - Receipt of candidate petitions *
11/17 - Receipt of ballot issue petitions *
12/01 - Production of eligible voter lists
12/02 - Printing of ballots
12/03 - Ballots mailed
12/31 - Deadline for receipt of ballots
1/19/16 - Counting of ballots *
* Date of General Meeting