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AGENDA 04072015

Agenda 04072015

Meeting Minutes

 COASTAL BEND SIERRA CLUB GROUP  Meeting Minutes March 2015

The Coastal Bend Sierra Club Group (CBSCG) met on Tuesday, March 3 in the Retama Room of the Corpus Christi Public Library at 805 Comanche Street from 11:30 am until 1:20 pm.  After lunch, Chairperson Lois Huff opened the meeting and reminded members that the minutes of the February meeting, along with a list of CBSCG members in leadership positions, are posted on the Website.  She also announced that our Website would soon be migrating from the current system to the Drupal system and that Webmaster Cheryl McGrath has asked to be relived of those responsibilities.  Members joined Lois in expressing their thanks and gratitude for Cheryl’s many years of dedicated and outstanding service as CBSCG’s Webmaster. 

 Treasurer Teresa Carrillo’s report, which was e-mailed to and read by Lois, showed an available checking account balance of $623.96, $25.00 in the savings account, and a total of $8,497.75 in three CD’s.  Also, a total of $130.00 has been received from members to help pay for CBSCG’s $500 sponsor-fee for this year’s Earth Day/Bay Day event.

Lois announced that Cynthia and Tony Garcia have volunteered to plan and organize CBSCG’s booth at the April 11 Earth Day/Bay Day celebration at Heritage Park. Members briefly discussed which materials they would provide for display at the booth and indicated their intentions to help at the booth on the 11th.

Members next moved to a general discussion of plans and changes along the Corpus Christi Bay front—the Ocean Drive route in particular, and they also talked about their concerns re cumulative effects of industrial growth in the area.  Of special interest is the plan of one industry to dump salty brine into the ship channel.  Carolyn Moon called attention to the fact that a power plant near LaGrange has applied for a permit to dump effluent into the Colorado River, and Lois appointed Hal Suter, Jim Holm, John Adams, and Carolyn to study and advise members on that matter.  Lois also asked Jack Pope and John Adams to study current activities at the Port of Corpus Christi and report on those of concern to CBSCG members, and John will also report on a proposal by LSU scientists to conduct a water quality sediment study for the purpose of establishing a baseline.

Lone Star Sierra Executive Committee (ExCom) member Hal Suter reminded members that ballots for electing National Sierra directors have been mailed and that electronic voting is encouraged.  Hal reported that he has voted for four candidates.  He knows and is enthusiastically supporting two candidates—Liz Welsh, a Texan from the El Paso area, and Larry Fahn.

Teresa Carrillo serves on the Eagle Ford Shale Task Force and she offered to carry suggestions for legislative proposals to the next Task Force meeting on March 11.  Conservation Chair Venice Scheurich announced that the RRC staff is recommending that the permit for the Nordheim oil/gas open waste pits be granted and the three RRC Commissioners will probably make the final decision on Pyote’s proposal when they meet later this month. 

 Submitted by Venice Scheurich on March 3, 2015


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