Construction and Demolition Waste Campaign

Currently, a large amount of waste – up to 40% of DC’s total commercial waste – is generated at construction and demolition sites in DC.  A large portion of this waste, especially from smaller residential-scale construction projects, is landfilled or incinerated at the expense of the environment and human health. The Zero Waste Committee is advocating for policies, whether incorporated in DC building codes or DC law, that would create incentives and/or rules to divert a significant amount of this waste for reuse or recycling. We were successful in our efforts to amend the DC Residential Building Code to require that on new construction, substantial renovation, and demolition projects, a minimum of 5% of total non-hazardous waste by weight, volume or value (based on the cost of project) be reused (i.e. salvaged from the site or installed in new work). These amendments were finally approved and published in the District Register on May 29, 2020.