Single Use Plastic Campaign

Tell the Mayor and the Department of Public Works: End single-use plastic littering and trash dumping. It's an environmental justice issue!

Want to see the Mayor and DPW get serious about ending single-use plastic littering and trash dumping? Sign our petition to demand incentives to reduce trash (refundable deposits on all beverage containers), widespread water bottle refill stations, and reusable & refillable food and drink packaging.

Why reduce single-use plastic?

We can reduce single-use plastic

How do we reduce single-use plastic in the District? Here’s what the Sierra Club, DC Chapter Single-Use Plastic subcommittee works on. Our actions make a difference:

  • Advocacy. We advocate for a plastic bag ban in all stores in favor of reusable bags.

  • Styrofoam, straws & stirrer ban. DC’s bans on expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) food service ware, straws & stirrers. The subcommittee conducted outreach in 2019 to restaurants to raise awareness for the straw & stirrer ban.

  • Brand audits. The DC Chapter also conducts brand audits on plastic and glass bottles and drinks cans cleaned up by partner organizations such as the Anacostia River Keepers (ARK) and Ward 8 Woods. These brand audits demonstrate which companies’ products are found polluting our parks, waters and neighborhoods. DC clearly has a beverage container pollution problem when ARK volunteers can clean up over 1600 drinks containers at Pope Branch Park in just three hours and over 1200 drinks containers were cleaned up by Ward 8 Woods volunteers near Serenity Rehab in Anacostia in two hours.

  • We also need more water bottle refill stations in all public buildings and facilities and milk dispensers in public schools to prevent plastic trash from happening in the first place.