Executive Leadership

The Delaware Chapter's members are led by an all-volunteer Executive Committee, elected by the Chapter's membership. The Executive Committee is tasked with helping ensure our Chapter remains fiscally solvent and works to attract and maintain a robust volunteer network in Delaware.  Members of the Executive Committee also shape the conservation, political, and organizational work of the Chapter as it seeks to reach the objectives of the Sierra Club mission. The Sierra Club is committed to honoring the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing in all of our work to ensure equity and justice are at the center of our movement. 

Resources: Sierra Club & the Jemez Principles | Jemez Principles

2024 Delaware Chapter Executive Committee


  • Chair:  Claire Simmers
  • Vice-Chair:  Willie Scott
  • Secretary:  Cora Castle
  • Treasurer:  Donna Shand
  • Council of Chapter Leaders Delegate: Cheryl Siskin

At-Large Members

  • Coby Owens
  • Jack Sypher
  • Kristin Brubaker
  • Cheryl Siskin
  • Claire Simmers
  • Willie Scott
  • Cora Castle
  • Donna Shand
  • C.J. Myers

2024 Committee Leadership

  • Management & Strategies Committee:  Claire Simmers
  • Climate & Energy Committee:  John Irwin and C.J. Myers
  • Conservation Committee:  Cheryl Siskin
  • Environmental Justice Committee:  Willie Scott
  • Outreach & Events Committee:  Jack Sypher and Kristin Brubaker
  • Nominating & Elections Committee: Coby Owens
  • Political Committee:  Richard Trask and Vivian Guyton

Executive Committee Meetings

Meetings typically take place at 6 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month.  The Executive Committee is currently meeting by Zoom and meetings are open to our members and supporters, except when the Committee goes into Executive Session.  Check our Chapter calendar for specific dates.  Please contact Dustyn.Thompson@sierraclub.org if you would like to join a meeting remotely.