Your Sierra Club


The Sierra Club dates back to 1892 and is the oldest and largest environmental advocacy organization in North America. Our mission is to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet. For more than 45 years, the Delaware Chapter has blazed trails to protect the environment and to provide opportunities to enjoy and explore the natural beauty of our state. 

As a volunteer-run grassroots organization, we are working to protect our air and water quality and supporting state legislation and policies to reduce the negative impacts from climate change on those precious resources now and in the future. 

Please explore our website -- find activities to get outdoors and enjoy Delaware's beauty; lobby Delaware's legislature to protect our environment and reduce our dependence on dirty fossil fuel, and participate in fun events where you will meet like-minded people!  Check out what the Delaware Chapter of the Sierra Club is doing and how you can get involved to protect and enjoy Delaware's incredibly special natural environment.