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The National Sierra Club takes the lead on lobbying the President, Congress and federal agencies to promote sound environmental policies.  They work closely with the Delaware Chapter on policies that effect our environment and also collaborate on regional initiatives such as reducing impacts from coal-fired plants, advocating for clean transportation and reducing greenhouse gases.  The Delaware Chapter keeps a close watch on federal activities that impact our air and water quality.  This includes proposals for airgun seismic testing off the Atlantic; off-shore drilling off our coastline; fracking for oil and gas; and impacts from the rollback of environmental laws such as the Environmental Protection Agency's failure to enforce pollution controls on dirty coal plants and much more. 

Delaware's Congressional Delegation

Sen. Tom Carper

Dover: (302) 574-3308
Georgetown:  (302) 856-7690
Wilmington: (302) 573-6291
Washington:  (202) 224-2441
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Sen. Chris Coons

Dover: (302) 736-5601
Wilmington: (302) 573-6345
Washington: (202) 224-5042
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Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester

Georgetown:  (302) 854-0667
Wilmington:  (302) 691-7333
Washington:  (202) 225-4165
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Environmental Protection Agency

Cosmo Servidio, Regional Administrator
EPA Region III
1650 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2029
Phone: (215) 814-5000
Fax: (215) 814-5103
Toll free: (800) 438-2474
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