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Florida Chapter Awards

The Florida Chapter feels that recognition of the work of volunteers is a responsibility because volunteers are essential to the work of the club. Recognition of volunteers must begin at the group (local) level, and the chapter encourages every group to maintain an active awards program. Nominees for chapter awards are submitted by group leadership and support volunteers who have been recognized by their groups. For more information, email the Florida Chapter Awards Committee at

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Winners of the 2023 Florida Chapter Awards

(Presented in 2024)

Leah Weisburd (Broward) - Pine Tree Award
As Chair of Sierra Club Florida's Broward Group, Leah takes leadership and mentorship for the Club to a high level. Whenever an issue arises, she always takes the initiative though engagement, educating and mentoring new leaders. She is the program chair for the group and has recently mentored interested high schoolers on environmental sustainability.

Max Goldstein (Broward) - Otter Award
The Otter Award is given to a group member who has done an outstanding job in the outings program. Max has combined his passion for the protection of the environment with his managerial and organizational skills for leading many successful outings and Earth Day events. He is an Executive Committee member, recent winner of the group’s Pannaman Award and is longtime treasurer for the Chapter’s political action committee.

Phil Busey (Broward) - Manatee Award
The Manatee Award honors a member who has done an outstanding job of service to the group. Phil has contributed to the group in countless ways over the past three decades. He is a steadfast representative to the Broward Metropolitan Planning Committee and the Environmental Coalition, is the go-to person for bylaws and procedures, and has stepped up for software training to assist the group with communications.

Glenn Laufer (Loxahatchee) - Pine Tree Award
The Pine Tree award is a special award given for group leadership. A new member of the Loxahatchee Executive Committee, Glenn has served in many capacities, including Program Chair and as youth outings leader for Inspiring Connections Outdoors for many years. He is instrumental in the group’s fundraising efforts and tabling events.

Zachary Eichholz (Turtle Coast) - Osprey Award
The Osprey Award is for a governmental staff person who promotes or effects change in policy or practice to protect Florida’s environment. Zach works for the City of Cape Canaveral as its Resiliency Manager and his energy has created environmentally friendly projects both large and small from bat houses to better policy for the contiguous coastal towns. These larger accomplishments include a LEED Silver City Hall, support for pedestrian/bicycle infrastructure, and installation of electric vehicle charging stations. Zach authored a series of articles marrying sustainability with Thoughtworks technology that provides cost effective solutions for the adjoining small towns.

Nathan Crabbe (Suwanee St. Johns) - Indigo Award
The Indigo Award goes to an individual who provides balanced reports of Florida’s environmental issues. Nathan is the editor of The Invading Sea, a joint project of 25 editorial boards representing nearly every newspaper in Florida. This journal specifically educates the business community to Florida’s gravest threat — climate change.

Barbara Gubbin (Northeast) - Manatee Award
Barbara has been the Political Chair for the group’s committee for several years. In that time, she has successfully engaged others to participate in endorsements of political candidates, as well as educating new committee members by writing protocol to provide guidance for her committee. She has become an invaluable team leader for Northeast Group.

Lucille Pendleton (Northeast) - Sand Dollar Award
The Sand Dollar Award honors a group member who has done an outstanding job for a group’s fundraising efforts. Lucille has served as Group Treasurer for 8 years. She also writes and manages a yearly grant which has enabled the group to hire a social media specialist, fund a native plant education project, provide funds for outing leader first aid certification and volunteer appreciation funds.

Matanzas Riverkeepers (Northeast) Jen Lomberk and Capt. J. Silas Tanner - Cypress Award
The Cypress Award is for an individual or individuals who have contributed greatly to the public’s environmental awareness in his or her locale or Florida as a whole. Jen and Capt. Silas are lead Riverkeepers for the Guana, Tolomato, and Matanzas rivers. They engage the community to keep the water bodies healthy by advocating for stronger water quality protections, organizing waterway clean-ups, and teaching children and adults how to be good stewards of these fragile water systems. They regularly speak out against poorly planned developments that might harm these waterways and their watersheds.

Lisa Williams (Northeast) - Panther Award
This award is given to a group member who has done outstanding conservation work in the group’s area. Lisa takes her Florida Master Naturalist Certification seriously to help the Northeast Group. She created a presentation on the importance of tree protection for the environment and is a frequent speaker on the topic, as well as native plants. She is the Program Chair for the group, and writes a column in the Northeast group’s Sierra Sentry on Planting with a Purpose.

Lisa Rinaman (Northeast) - Cypress Award
The St. Johns River is the river that runs through it — Jacksonville, that is. The St Johns has endured many challenges to its health over the years and Lisa has been a stalwart advocate of all the issues. She has expanded her advocacy to climate change issues by being a leader for the Northeast Group with Renew Jax, whose goal is to push Jacksonville and JEA, the community-owned utility, to commit to 100% renewables by 2050.

Congratulations to all the winners!