Environmental Justice

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The Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (EIJ) Committee formed in 2018 to work on these issues from within Sierra Club Florida. Whether you simply have a passion for environmental justice or empowering people to protect the human and natural environment, or have skills and experience moving organizations and teams toward equity, please consider volunteering your time with the EIJ Committee.
Our Work
The EIJ Committee supports Sierra Club's mission of "enlisting humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment" by:
  • Breaking down inequities through the promotion of often excluded voices
  • Building up justice by uniting with underserved communities to address the issues confronting them
  • Creating a welcoming and accessible space for everyone to become involved
The committee is committed to providing training and resources to group and chapter leaders regarding the tenets of equity, inclusion, and justice.
Membership and Meetings
The committee is made up of volunteers and staff and meets twice each month. Members and volunteers are welcome to attend meetings as non-voting members.
How to Get Involved
Email Melissa Fultz at melissaf@suncoastsierra.org to get started. First-time participants will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire.
Other Resources