Our staff and volunteers pay close attention to the actions of the Florida Legislature, Cabinet, and executive branch. Annually, Sierra Club Florida produces scorecards and report cards for elected officials whose actions deeply affect our state's environment and people.

Legislative Scorecards

Wondering how legislators voted on environmental issues? Check out our Florida Legislative Scorecard. Included is a "thumbs up and thumbs down" report on those who either championed or actively worked against the environment.

2023 Legislative Scorecard

2021 Legislative Scorecard

2020 Legislative Scorecard

2019 Legislative Scorecard

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Governor's Report Card

Get a snapshot of the governor's performance on environmental issues of significant importance to Sierra Club Florida.

2022 Governor's Scorecard

2020 Governor's Report Card

2019 Governor's Report Card

Florida Agriculture Commissioner's Report Card

See an overview of the agriculture commissioner's performance on environmental issues.

2020 Agriculture Commissioner's Report Card