Sierra Club's lobbying team in Tallahassee and across the state works hard to educate Florida legislators on the importance of caring for our fragile environment. From nutrient pollution in springs and other bodies of water to phosphate mining, fracking, clean energy, protecting wildlife, and conserving land, Sierra Club Florida follows these issues closely to fight for the future and health of our state and residents.



Follow current bills as they move (or don't) through session in Tallahassee. This chart, prepared by Florida Sierra Club, updates daily so you can keep track of developments as they happen. The document focuses on our priorities including environmental and natural resources, conservation and health, clean energy and clean water, social justice, and other issues outlined below.

Please Note: The Source Link takes you to the flsenate.gov web site where all the information is available for Senate bills  (S.B.) The Source Link also has most of the information for House bill (H.B.) For complete details on House bills, go to myfloridahouse.gov and enter the bill number at the top of the home page. 


 ● Climate change:  Reduce emissions driving the climate crisis by advancing an equitable and just transition to clean, renewable energy in the transportation, power generation, and residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Expand and improve efficiency and weatherization programs to reduce costs for Floridians dealing with high energy bills.
● Land conservation and the biodiversity crisis:  Prioritize permanent conservation of natural lands, habitats, and ecosystems to protect the essential resources, services, and benefits Florida’s biodiversity provides. Augment conservation by preserving open spaces and working lands and eliminating sprawl.
● Water quality and quantity:  Restore Florida’s impaired inland and coastal waters by regulating the state’s major polluters: the agriculture, wastewater, and mining industries. Charge large water consumers their fair share to protect our common heritage of rivers, lakes, springs, streams, estuaries, and coastal waters, and provide clean, accessible water to all Floridians.
 Democracy and freedom:  Create a free and fair Florida by making voting simple and accessible for all Floridians regardless of race, ethnicity, party, or zip code. Eliminate policies that prevent free expression by Floridians based on their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or background. Repeal policies that curtail Floridians’ freedom to speak, sue, or act collectively to hold state and local entities accountable.
 IRA and IIJA implementation: Help grow Florida's economy by creating thousands of sustainable, middle-class jobs through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Use IRA and IIJA funding to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure, protect frontline communities against severe weather events, and support clean and renewable energy.

Click here for our 2023 Legislative Priorities document.

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