Stop The Burn-Go Green Campaign Calls Out the Complicit (Volumes 1 - 6)

sugar burn rally
Dane Myers performs "Clouds of Different Colors" at the October 1 rally at Florida Crystals headquarters. /Photo Michael McGrath


In the months following the historic, We Deserve Better Rally in front of Florida Crystals Corporate Headquarters, the Stop The Burn-Go Green Campaign has continued to hold Big Sugar and all their complicit agents accountable for the ongoing harms perpetuated by the toxic, outdated, and racist practice of pre-harvest sugar field burning.

Check out the 2022 Stop The Burn-Go Green Campaign Names the Complicit messages:

Vol. 1 [10/20/22]

To the Florida Crystals Board of Directors:

The Fanjul business has a long history of exploitation of their laborers, the Glades communities, and our political system. You spend a lot of effort advertising your “green farming practices” and organic sugar products, but as long as you maintain toxic, outdated pre-harvest burning practices, no amount of spin can fool the public. You already green harvest your organic sugarcane as required by USDA Organic certifications. If you are as “green” and technologically advanced as your PR claims, then you can surely green harvest ALL of your sugar cane. Your own agricultural engineer published a paper in 2006 that acknowledges green harvesting is the future of cane growing in Florida. Why continue to sacrifice lives when you have the ability and resources to transition to green harvesting now? We Deserve Better!

Vol.2 [10/27/22]

To the US Sugar Board of Directors:

Your ridiculous anti-farmer conspiracy theories are fooling no one. Pre-harvest sugarcane field burning is a toxic, outdated practice, and no amount of fear-mongering will work on us. Claiming we, the local leaders of the Stop the Burn Campaign, are outsiders is really ironic: US Sugar’s Board of directors includes the Michigan-based Mott Family and affiliates, and the Mott Foundation’s motto is Promoting a Just Equitable and Sustainable Society! Practice what you preach! Irony abounds: In 2008 US Sugar praised green harvesting–! US Sugar Senior Vice President of Public Affairs said “We see this technology as a perfect complement to our existing sugar mill, not to mention a win for the environment, the farming community and for our employees." Enough of the tomfoolery, lies, and double-talk. We Deserve Better!

Vol.3 [11/3/22]

To Robert Rease:

We are profoundly disappointed that you, a local pastor and Belle Glade City Manager, have become the latest spokesperson for Big Sugar’s ongoing smear campaign against anyone who dares to demand cleaner air, more economic opportunity, and better health for our people. You referred to us as the “local discontents”? You are right–we are not content to stand down when a mountain of history, medical research, and common sense tells us the status quo is killing our people and our opportunities. What would Jesus do? Side with a multibillion-dollar industry or serve those most in need? Your position should not be used to spread Big Sugar fear-mongering and false claims. Join our fight for new jobs and economic opportunities that come with green harvesting and an end to the illnesses and deaths caused by pre-harvest burning. We Deserve Better!

Vol.4 [11/10/22]

To Mayor Kyles, Mayor Wilson, and Mayor Babbs:

Time and time again you have proven yourself deaf to the needs of your constituents. Instead, you have continued to parrot lies on behalf of Big Sugar. Your devotion to the status quo (and the benefits it brings you personally) blinds you to the economic and public health benefits green harvesting can bring to the Glades. The lies fed to you by your Big Sugar bankrollers hurt your constituents. Shame on you for selling out your communities in the past. But the future can be ours together! Facilitate an open, public dialogue about the harms of sugarcane burning and the opportunities provided by green harvesting! Because We Deserve Better!

Vol.5 [11/17/22]

To Glades Lives Matter - Janet Taylor:

It both angers us and breaks our hearts when our own people do the dirty work of rich corporations for personal profit. When you publicly stated that our local Stop the Burn leadership had “sold their souls” for daring to question the toxic practice of pre-harvest sugar field burning and demand the sugar industry transition to modern, sustainable, burn-free green harvesting, you defied all reason. While you serve US Sugar, we continue the proud history of Black leaders who lead the struggle for justice for their people. Our goal is to bring the new jobs and economic opportunities that come with green harvesting to the Glades. We fight to stop the illnesses and deaths caused by pre-harvest burning. Do some soul-searching yourself! Instead of fighting us and our cause, join us! How powerful we could be if we all worked together to IMPROVE the Glades! Stop propping up the status quo! Because We Deserve Better!

Vol.6 [12/1/22]

To the Guardians of The Glades, Tammy Jackson Moore:

What are the Guardians of the Glades guarding against? As purveyors of Big Sugar lies and protectors of the status quo, you have made it clear you are not interested in protecting us from toxic sugarcane burning pollution. You have claimed there is no “science” showing sugar cane burning is harmful despite the continuously growing body of scientific data stating otherwise. Tammy Jackson Moore, you have done more, on behalf of Big Sugar, to intimidate and bully the Glades leaders of the Stop The Burn Go Green Campaign than anyone else behind the scenes. Well, we should say TRY and intimidate and bully. Your actions cannot stop us from fighting for the justice we deserve. We Deserve Better!

Sugar burn discontent graphic
Faces of the discontent at We Deserve Better! Rally