Sierra Club Florida Condemns Ron DeSantis’ Environmental Failures This Past Session

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a number of dangerous and extreme bills that took effect on July 1. Among these was HB1191, “Use of Phosphogypsum,” which paves the way for the use of toxic and radioactive materials in our roads and SB170, “Local Ordinances,” a sledgehammer on the freedom of local communities and governments to address local concerns.

These assaults on our environment, economy, and freedom were part of a concerning trend. Earlier this year, the Governor signed other bills curtailing responsible investing practices, and approved backroom budget deals aimed at stripping municipalities’ ability to pass strong fertilizer ordinances and keep Florida’s drinking water clean. 

Instead of promoting common sense solutions to the many crises Florida faces, the Governor chose to veto bipartisan legislation that would have created jobs and saved money. SB284 would have encouraged the state to purchase electric vehicles “based on the lowest lifetime ownership costs, including costs for operations, maintenance.” It had no requirement to purchase electric vehicles or any other vehicles, and only made mention of cost benefits. This bipartisan legislation could have saved taxpayers around $277 million dollars over 15 years, according to Advanced Energy United. Taxpayers will continue to foot the cost as Florida grows ever more unaffordable under Governor DeSantis’ failed leadership.

The impacts of the Governor’s mismanagement will be felt for years to come. Florida deserves better and Sierra Club Florida remains committed to creating a free, fair, and thriving Florida for all to enjoy.

Luigi Guadarrama, Sierra Club Florida Political Director, said, “Facts are facts no matter how the Governor feels about them. Electric vehicles are cheaper and more efficient, the state government should invest responsibly with pension funds, and we deserve clean water. Instead, we got radioactive roads. Governor Ron DeSantis may choose to ignore the crises he’s wrought, but Florida’s taxpayers, homeowners, and families won’t.”


ABOUT SIERRA CLUB FLORIDA: Founded in 1892, the Sierra Club is the oldest and largest environmental advocacy organization in the nation. The Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club boasts over 240,000 members and supporters committed to exploring, enjoying, and protecting the wild places of the earth. To learn more about Sierra Club Florida, click here.

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