Sierra Club Florida’s Response to DeSantis’ State of the State

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Following Governor Ron DeSantis’ State of the State address today at the Florida Capitol, Sierra Club Florida Political Director Luigi Guadarrama released the following statement: 

“Governor DeSantis is absolutely correct: Florida's economic success is tied to our environment. His failures on both are well-documented and extensive. Last year, the Governor chose to reject common-sense, bipartisan solutions that would have created jobs and lowered costs, such as a bill encouraging electric vehicle use that would have saved taxpayers $277 million, and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds that would have pumped $320 million into Florida’s economy. Both these bills and funding would have cleaned our air, cleared our highways, and created job opportunities for the working class.

“Last year, the Governor passed a dangerous anti-freedom agenda that limited the freedoms and financial stability of taxpayers, promoted irresponsible business practices, prohibited local governments from protecting their own communities, and more. This year, the Governor is poised to outdo himself with an even more dangerous and extreme anti-freedom agenda that amounts to nothing more than lip service on the environment and the economy. It is clear that DeSantis has no qualms about sacrificing our economy, freedom, and environment for his personal political gain.