Floridians' Clean Water Declaration Campaign

Clean Water Declaration

The Floridians' Clean Water Declaration is a positive vision to inspire people to work together to create a new water ethic, find solutions to Florida's water quality and quantity problems, and send a clear message to our water managers that the people of Florida demand clean water.

From North Florida's renowned freshwater springs to South Florida's Everglades and coral reefs, our state is blessed with countless watery wonders. Today many of these wonders are dying — either choked by pollution and toxic algae or drying up because of over-consumption of water, or both. We know the problems that are facing our waters and we know that the longer we wait to fix these problems, the more expensive the fixes will be. Now is the time to act because we, our children, and our grandchildren deserve better.

The Floridians' Clean Water Declaration Campaign is a collaborative effort driven by dozens of civic and environmental organizations from around the state. We are coming together to create a force for change — a change in the water policies of the state of Florida. By sharing ideas and resources across stakeholder lines and watersheds, we will be stronger — stronger together to command our right to clean water.

The Floridians' Clean Water Declaration is the bottom line for protecting Florida's waters, wildlife, and the health and livelihoods of Floridians. By gathering as many signatures as possible, we can demonstrate to our water managers that all Floridians — individuals, businesses, organizations, and elected officials — want clean water.

If you want clean water to drink, if you value the waters that have made Florida world famous, if you want to support the many businesses that depend on clean water, then join us — sign the Declaration!

Floridians' Clean Water Declaration

In recognition that:

Clean water is essential for healthy people and a healthy economy.

Florida water quality and quantity are inseparably linked.

Florida waters are held in public trust by the State of Florida for the benefit of its people and the maintenance of natural ecosystems.

We the undersigned hereby declare:

The people of Florida have an inalienable right to:

1. Clean drinking water whether that water is drawn from public sources or private wells.
2. Safe lakes, streams, springs, rivers, canals and coastal waters for swimming and fishing.
3. Protection from water pollution and its effects.
4. Know the sources of pollution that threaten Florida's waters.
5. Protection from water privatization and its effects.
6. Abundant water for drinking, fishing, and recreation.

The people of Florida, the state government, and the industries that benefit from Florida's natural resources have the responsibility to:

1. Stop pollution at its source rather than allowing it to enter our waters.
2. Protect Florida's waters, as well as the people who depend on them, from overconsumption and privatization.
3. Protect the natural environment, which is critical to the health of Florida's people, wildlife, and economy.
4. Provide clean water for future generations.

By signing this declaration, we agree to its principles and resolve to work together in good faith to ensure that the future of our waters will be driven by the concepts contained within this Floridians' Clean Water Declaration.

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