Food and Agriculture Team

The Food and Agriculture Team is a Sierra Club Grassroots Network team of volunteers from around the country. We advocate for agricultural policies and practices that provide healthy food, maintain soil fertility, sequester carbon and protect biodiversity.
Our team mission is to promote agricultural policies and practices designed to provide abundant healthy food, fiber and other services for all communities while maintaining the fertility of the soil and protecting the Earth's climate and the native diversity of plants and animals. To achieve these goals we:
  • Facilitate the active engagement of volunteer activists with complex issues related to agriculture and food.
  • Familiarize Sierra Club members and the general public with the principles and recommendations contained in the Agriculture and Food Policy.
  • Promote farming methods that maximize both cultural and biological diversity, benefit local communities, improve rural livelihoods and preserve natural resources.
  • Support food policies, practices and habits that promote good health and minimize greenhouse gas generation and other adverse environmental impacts.
  • Support and assist Sierra Club members and entities in implementing the goals and recommendations of the Agriculture and Food Policy.