State Chapters

These Chapters have committees or groups working on agriculture and food issues.  Reach out to them if you are interested in helping with the work they are doing in their state. 
The mission of the Committee is to support agricultural systems that advance social equity, regenerate soil health, mitigate climate change, and improve agricultural productivity, water conservation, food quality, animal welfare, and ecosystem biodiversity through education and advocacy.
The Florida Chapter's top agricultural issue is sugar cane field burning before harvest around the Everglades Agricultural Area.  This unnecessary practice negatively impacts air quality and the health, quality of life and economic opportunity of residents living in and around the area. 
The Iowa Chapter supports policies that transition toward more sustainable agriculture, including restoring and preserving topsoil. We are also calling for a state moratorium on building new confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and the expanding of existing operations.
Contact: Email: Phone: 515-277-8868
The Chapter is supporting Kentucky's local farmers in healthy, sustainable agricultural practices and stopping the influx of massive Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).
The Agriculture and Forestry Committee deals with issues involving the preservation of Maryland's forests and rural lands and the promotion of sustainable and responsible agricultural practices that help sequester carbon and improve soil health. The Chapter partners with other groups in support of its Food Sustainability and its Sustainable Agriculture Campaigns.
Contact: Rosa Hance, Chapter Chair: 
Contact: Shruti Bhatnagar, Chapter Conservation Chair:
The mission of the Plant-based Planet Team is to raise awareness of the impact animal agriculture has on the Earth. We encourage people to reduce or eliminate animal food consumption by eating a plant-based diet. Our projects include developing a cooking show, giving talks in community centers, hosting potluck dinners, and arranging lectures.
Contact: Sara Sezun, Chair, 
The healthy food group works to educate the public about the impact of factory farms and CAFOs on our health, the environment, the local economy and animal welfare. We educate the public and have numerous resources and local, sustainable alternatives to the industrial food supply.
General Information: 
Contact: Gail Philbin, State Director, 616-805-3063
Twitter: @MichiganSierra
We explore environmental activism around issues related to food and agriculture on the local, state, national, and international levels and we work on educating the public and elected officials.  Issues include Food waste, the Farm Bill, Protecting pollinators through gardens and advocacy, Pesticides, Eating a plant-based diet, School food, and CAFOs and harmful farm runoff.
Contact: Abby Scher, Co-chair
Contact: Kathy Schwarz, Co-chair, 
The Committee works to address environmental and public health concerns associated with CAFOs, to encourage local and family sustainable conservation farming, and works to educate the public about the climate impacts of our food decisions.
Our mission is to monitor and advise on state policies that will encourage sustainable and carbon-neutral agriculture and food production; to engage with the Agriculture industry in Pennsylvania; to encourage a diversity of locally grown food choices; and to reduce the impacts of pesticides and fertilizers on our ecosystems. 
We also develop materials that educate our members about sustainable and climate sensitive food purchasing practices and at-home or community gardens; work with the Water Quality Team on a consistent mission of sustainable food production and healthy ecosystems downstream; and support group teams working in this space.