Personal Food Choices Matter

Personal food choices matter in addressing climate change and staying healthy.  
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables - it takes more energy to produce one calorie of meat than to produce one calorie of plant-based food.  
  • Buy organic whenever possible - it's healthier for you, and the food was grown without GMOs or toxic chemicals that pollute the soil, water and environment. 
  • Only eat meat from animals that were grass-fed, organic, antibiotic-and hormone-free.
  • Buy from small local sources or at your local farmers' market to support your community and reduce fuel use associated with transportation.
  • Support farmers directly through a CSA subscription. You’ll get a regular supply of delicious produce and contribute directly to the success of local farms. 
  • Take action in your own backyard. To learn how, check out:  
  • Seek out restaurants with sustainable local sourcing. Groups like the Zero Foodprint project are rallying restaurants committed to sustainability.
  • Get involved with your local Sierra Club Chapter.