CAFOs’ Contribution to Water Pollution

Why do CAFO neighbors have reason for water concerns? Do communities with one or more CAFOs housing hundreds to tens of thousands of animals need to protect their water sources? How are recreational users of water near CAFOs or manured fields that grow animal-feed affected? Are the Great Lakes, the largest source of fresh water in the United States, immune to manure pollution? Are the vast gulfs and oceans on three sides of our country protected from CAFO pollution? Are city-residents threatened by polluted water?

Every answer to the questions applies to a household, a fisherman, a kayaker, and to rural communities and large city food consumers. Americans are all affected by poor water quality caused by CAFO manure mismanagement.

The “CAFOs’ Contribution to Water Pollution” companion factsheet will give you historic and current cases where agricultural pollution contributed to the most recent degradation of American waters.

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