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Cool Communities

Growing Sustainable Climate Solutions and Accelerating a Transition to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy One Community at a Time

Climate change is a global issue, but you can make a difference locally. All over Illinois, cities and counties are helping to solve climate by taking part in Sierra Club’s Illinois Cool Communities Ready for 100 Initiative and committing to reduce CO2 emissions at the local level.
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Illinois Cool Communities Ready for 100* Initiative is a volunteer effort helping communities set goals and find local solutions to climate disruption by cutting greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. To date, over 1000 US communities and over 55 Illinois communities** have made a commitment to finding local solutions to climate change by conducting greenhouse gas inventories, writing climate action plans and implementing solutions. Signing on to the Illinois Cool Communities Ready for 100 Initiative represents a community’s commitment to energy conservation, energy efficiency, and clean energy. **Interactive Cool Communities map.
The goal of the Illinois Cool Communities Ready for 100 Initiative is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 (2% per year). Projects and programs initiated by Illinois Cool Communities Initiative provide improvements to the environment and quality of life as well as leading to long term cost saving for the community. Every Illinois Cool Communities Initiative is unique to the needs of the local community.
*Ready for 100 a Sierra Club campaign to accelerate a transition to 100% clean, renewable energy by advocating for ambitious leadership at the local level, and to amplify progress to steer the national discourse on climate leadership towards 100% clean energy, making it the “new normal.”
For more information about the Illinois Cool Communities Ready for 100 Initiative, contact:
Kady McFadden: Email
Virginia Woulfe Beile: Email or 618-462-6802

Interactive Map

Interactive map of the cities in Illinois that have signed the US Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement and/or Cool Cities 2.0 (the Illinois Sierra Club Agreement), and counties that have signed the Sierra Club Cool County agreement.

To use the map, click on the "View Larger Image" icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the gray bar across the top of the map. The map will open in another window on your browser. Use the + and - icons to zoom in and out. Use the little "hand" icon to drag the map. Details for each Cool Community or Cool County can be viewed by either clicking on the teardrop icon on the map, or by scrolling the list of cities and counties in the text box on the left.

Don't see your community listed? Intersted in helping? Want more information? Contact Virginia Woulfe-beile.