Illinois State CapitolThe Illinois Chapter is very active on the legislative scene to support measures that address clean air and water, clean energy, and natural resource issues; we oppose efforts to roll back environmental protections that are already in place. Each year, after our slate of priority legislation is chosen for the upcoming session, the State Lobby Team launches into action.  First, our trained volunteer lobbyists attend an issues briefing to learn the intricacies of each priority bill to fully prepare them on the issues. In-district teams then schedule and make lobby visits to their respective state legislators throughout the legislative session. Results of each visit are entered into an online reporting system, which serve as an invaluable asset for our lobbyists working day-to-day in Springfield.

The Chapter provides lobby training, issues briefings, including facts sheets and talking points, and overall Lobby Team support.

Volunteers are also invited to join the annual Illinois Environmental Council's Lobby Day in Springfield during the Spring Session on May 9. 

To find out more about the Illinois Chapter Lobby Team, please email Lobby Team Chair Chris Pinc or Lobby Team Organizer Rachel Neese.

Lobby Team Resources can be found here.