Illinois Chapter Monarch Team

monarch drawingThe Illinois Chapter Monarch Team is comprised of teams from each of the Chapter's 14 local Groups. Each team works on their own projects that aim to achieve the Team's goals and objectives.

Monarch Team Goals
  • To stop the decline of monarchs and other pollinators.
  • To increase habitat for monarchs and other pollinators.
  • To protect monarchs and pollinators from other risks, such as pesticides, climate change and protection of overwintering habitat in Mexico.
Paths to Achieving Team Goals
Legislative & Policy Initiatives

Create and/or support local, state and/or federal legislation and/or policies that protect pollinators and/or habitat.

Engagement & Education

Activities that inform the public about the problem and educate them about ways they can get involved and help.

Role of Group Teams 
  • Share our Passion - Spread the Word
  • Support Policies that Protect Pollinators and Habitat
  • Inform and Educate Our Members and the Public
Find Your Local Group

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Team Resources

Download Chapter monarch/pollinator handout here: