Save Our Forest Preserves, Airport Information Meeting

Save Our Preserves

More than 60 people attended an informational meeting on September 28 regarding the problematic plan proposed by the Waukegan Airport and the Waukegan Port Authority to buy out 34 residences, 6 businesses, and 52 acres of forest preserve lands for the Waukegan National Airport expansion. The presenters included former Waukegan Mayor and State Senator Bill Morris, and Doug Ower Chair of local Sierra Club's Woods and Wetlands Group. Wadsworth resident Susan Zingle moderated the meeting and she ensured the flurry of questions and comments that flew forth were heard and answered in the overcrowded room. The Coalition to Save our Forest Preserves members were also in attendance along with Lake County Forest Preserve Board Members Gina Roberts and Linda Pedersen. Gibbie Buchholtz, a Zion community videographer graciously recorded the entire meeting and gave permission to share his YouTube video.

This proposed airport expansion impacts Zion, Waukegan, Beach Park and Wadsworth along with other neighboring communities with more jet noise and emissions. The Coalition to Save our Forest Preserves believes the runway expansion does not need to be 7000 feet and could be engineered in a way to avoid selling off our forest preserve acreage. This land should remain as green space for our underserved communities in NE Lake County. Contact your Lake County Forest Preserve Member (same as your Lake County Board Member) and let them know your concerns. Attend the information meetings and the Public Meeting by the FAA or the airport occurring sometime this winter.

Photo: By Diane Ower