What We Do

What we do to enjoy and protect northeast Illinois

Today, members of the Woods & Wetlands Group are working on conservation campaigns to:

  • Decommission the Route 53/120 highway corridor and protect it as a public open space
  • Protect the Des Plaines River from pollution-laden runoff
  • Control nutrient pollution in Manitou Creek and Long Lake
  • Plant milkweed and increase habitats critical to monarch butterflies and other pollinators
  • Work to reduce single-use plastics waste

Throughout the year, we explore environmental issues of local concern in program meetings. Program meetings are open to all Sierra Club members.

In election seasons, we work to elect environmental leaders who support the Sierra Club's legislative priorities.

And every chance we get, we get outdoors to enjoy the diverse and wonderful natural places of Lake County and northern Cook County.

Check the Woods & Wetlands calendar for times, locations, and topics of upcoming outings, meetings, and events.

Find out what you can do to explore, enjoy, and protect the people, plants, and animals of the northeast corner of Illinois.

Updated February 2022