Our Campaigns

Empowering local action

The Woods & Wetlands Group oversees or supports several local advocacy campaigns that empower citizens to participate in the environmental policymaking process.

Rail Safety Campaign (La Coalition)

La Coalition’s Rail Safety Campaign works to protect people, air, water, and land from the negative impacts of hazardous substances transported by rail.  The Rail Safety Campaign  includes underserved communities as identified under Environmental Justice policy to reduce persistent environmental health disparities.

In order to plan for the unique needs that will arise in the event of a hazmat incident, La Coalition engages legislators, emergency responders, and administrators at schools and other public facilities located near rail corridors where toxic and explosive substances are transported or stored.

Campaign liaison: Gerri Songer, Campaign Chair

Take a Pass on Plastics

The plastics team is working to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics in our area. Plans this year include working with local restaurants to reduce plastics use and educating the public about the plastic waste problem and what individuals can do about it.

Campaign liaison: Sharon Starr

Manitou Creek Clean Water Alliance

A grassroots effort of committed individuals and organizations working to develop a sustainable management plan to control the nutrient pollution in the Manitou Creek watershed and improve water quality in Long Lake.

Campaign liaison: Susan Pribyl, Membership Chair 

Clean and Healthy Des Plaines River

A campaign to help educate the public about pollutant-laden runoff and to lobby public officials about making the Des Plaines River as clean and healthy as it can be.

Campaign liaison: Rosemary Heilemann 

Livable Lake County

A grassroots coalition made up of private citizens and organizations working to preserve the quality of life, livability, and natural resources of Lake County. Livable Lake County supports sustainable economic development and transportation, preservation of open space, and clean air and water — and opposes fiscally irresponsible and environmentally damaging projects and the tax hikes that come with them.

Campaign liaison: Sam Beard, Sierra Club Community Organizer

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Updated: April 2023