The Political Pages of this website contain the endorsements, work program and leaders of the our Political Committees:
  • The Nebraska Chapter Political Committee(federal/statewide/legislature)
  • The Missouri Valley (MoValley) Group Political Committee (Omaha area)
  • The Blustem Group Political Commitee (Lincoln area)

To view 2024 Endorsement, visit our POLITICAL ENDORSEMENTS page

The Sierra Club conducts comprehensive research on candidates proposed for endorsement, polls and/or interviews candidates on their views, sponsors or conducts candidate debates, and endorses and supports green incumbents/candidates.

Click on the following pages/subpages for detailed information:
POLITICAL ENDORSEMENTS page to view our past endorsements,
VOTER INFORMATION  page for help with the voting process.
POLITICAL COMMITTEES page to meet our committees' volunteers,
For more information on our Political Activities, contact:

Jordan Anderson  -  Executive Committee Chair – Jranderson_2011@hotmail.com
Sharon Clawson – Political Committee Chair - bsclaw001@hotmail.com