MoValley Group

MoValley Group

The Missouri Valley Group usually goes by “MoValley” Group or MVG. While it covers all of northeastern Nebraska, its “local” activities are centered in the Greater Omaha area.

Its activities include the following:

  • Executive Committee (ExCom; monthly organizational meeting of MoValley activists);
  • educate public on conservation issues (e.g. monthly community programs);
  • political action (political debates, researching issues, supporting candidates);
  • conservation campaigns (e.g. coordinated activities against the XL Keystone Pipeline);
  • communications (supports conservation activities with website, e-news, mailings, etc.);
  • outings (guided hikes/canoeing, skiing, boating trips and similar outdoor activities);

Missouri Valley Group Executive Committee, Officers and Committee Chairs for 2021

*Sara Langan, MVG Chair, Earth Day Omaha Coordinator,
Environmental Justice Chair:

*Jordan Anderson, MVG Vice Chair, Nominating/Elections:

*William McMillin, MVG Secretary,

Craig Keiser, MVG Treasurer:

*David Corbin, Chapter Delegate, Energy Chair, Webmaster,
Online Outreach Coord., Waste Issues Chair:

*Mia Perales,

*Cheryl Westin, Equity-Inclusion-Justice Issues Chair

*Mary Green, Programs Chair, Genetic Engineering:

Clyde Anderson, Listserv Admin, Urban Sprawl Issues Chair, Transportation Co-Chair,

Albert Lierz, Communications Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Transportation Co-Chair, Membership Co-Chair:

Sharon Clawson, Chapter & MVG Political Chair, Global
Warming/CAFÉ Issues Chair, Natural Gas:

Bruce Clawson, MVG Political Compliance Officer,

Stephanie Finklea: Agriculture Issues Chair,

Hector Santiago, Membership Co-Chair:

George Cunningham, Grassroots Communications, CAFOs Chair, Water Sentinel Chair, Wetlands:

* – Voting member of ExCom