Political Donation

Support "Independent Campaigns"
by the Sierra Club to elect environmental champions
These are campaigns run by, and funded by, Nebraska Sierra Club volunteers. By waging these "independent campaigns" the Nebraska Sierra Club can spotlight the conservation beliefs and actions of candidates in a way that has advantages over the usual campaign tactics of candidates.
We are forming teams to use texting, emailing, phoning, writing and social media to reach voters .Financial support is needed for these teams to achieve their voter outreach goals.
Use this DONATION button below to contribute to our political work.

Paying by check? Please remember to make your check payable to: Sierra Club Nebraska PAC.
Mail it to: Sierra Club - Nebraska Chapter, P.O. Box 4664, Omaha , NE 68104-0664

Questions? Please call Clyde Anderson, PAC Treasurer, at 402-740-5556 or email  him at:  treasurer@nebraska.sierraclub.org.

You must be a member of the Nebraska Sierra Club to donate.  If you are NOT a member, first click on JOIN in the red [JOIN RENEW DONATE] banner at the top right of this website. Complete the membership form and click on "Join Now" at the bottom. Then come back here and donate. First time membership is only $15.

We must record your full name and address along with the date and amount of your donation.  If through some glich, you are not asked to fill in your address when you donate, please email your full name, address, date and amount of your donation to our Sierra Club Treasurer, Clyde Anderson, at clydelanderson@cox.net.
NOTE: Don't forget to put the "l" between Clyde and Anderson in his email address!

Nebraska Conservation Political Champion - PLEDGE DRIVE
Are your resources for donating limited (like for most of us)? Consider pledging a small amount monthly from now through October 2024.  (10 months) to support our 2024 campaign. You may use the DONATE button above to set up a monthly donation.  You will need to set up a PayPal account if you do not already have one.
To discuss the details of setting up and using PayPal for a regular donation, or to donate by mail
Contact: Clyde Anderson, PAC Treasurer, at 402-740-5556 or email him at:  treasurer@nebraska.sierraclub.org.