Chapter Executive Committee

 The Sierra Club’s Nebraska Chapter Executive Committee (ExCom) meets on a quarterly basis. The committee is comprised of executive committee members, group delegates, and special interest chairs. If you have questions regarding the activities of the Sierra Club’s Nebraska Chapter, please contact the Chair, Jordan Anderson -

* indicates voting member of Nebraska Chapter Executive Committee

Chapter Chair:  *Jordan Anderson -

Chapter Vice-Chair: *Brittany Cooper -

Chapter Treasurer/Grants Chair: Clyde Anderson -

Chapter Secretary: Tim Golden -

Executive Committee member: *Anne DeVries -

Executive Committee member: *Sophia Gavia -

Executive Committee member: *Sharon Clawson -

Executive Committee member: *Sara Langan -

Executive Committee member: *Stephanie Finklea -

Bluestem Group Delegate:  *Rebecca Wells -

Bluestem Group Alt. Delegate: 

Missouri Valley Delegate: * David Corbin -

Missouri Valley Group Alt.

Cottonwood Group Delegate: *Buffalo Bruce -


Council of Club Leaders Delegate:  Brittany Cooper -

Conservation Co-Chair: *Buffalo Bruce  -

Political Committee Chair: *Sharon Clawson -

Webmaster/Legislative/Energy Chair: David Corbin -

Membership Chair: Hector Santiago -

Agriculture Chair: Stephanie Finklea -


Compliance Officer: Glen Murray -

Volunteer/Training Coordinator: Albert Lierz -
Chapter Lobbist:  Al Davis -

Chapter Organizer: Ken Winston -

*  - Indicates voting member of ExCom


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