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Join the Movement: Hear Why Others Support the Sierra Club 

"As many of you know, I've been a supporter of the Sierra Club for many years. Three years ago I increased by commitment by becoming a board member for the Conservation Committee of the Ohio Chapter. I have seen first hand, the Ohio leadership team in action, they are visionary and entrepeneurial. Needless to say I am completely moved by the cause, this team, and its vision. Join me in supporting causes that you care about most by donating to the Ohio Chapter Sierra Club." Michael Smith, Western Lake Erie


"My name is Scarlett and I am six years old. I like the Sierra Club because they help keep the earth clean."

Sierra Club is the leading grassroots voice to preserve and protect Ohio's environment. Your chairitable donation will support public educaiton and organizing to safegaurd our state's air, water, lands, and climate.

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Your Voice at the Ohio Statehouse

Our state legislative lobby team proudly defends Ohio’s air, water, and public lands. We play an important role in communicating the message of conservaiton and enviornmental protection to Ohio's legislators. Your donations support the Chapter's legislative program, cordinates citizen lobby days, and facilitates communication between lawmakers and their Sierra Club member constituents. Your voice matters, and so does your dollar. We cannot have a robust program to combat these challenging times without your support.

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