Ways to Donate

7 Reasons Why You Should Support Sierra Club

  1. Sierra Club is the only environmental non-profit with an influential presence in all 50 states and including Puerto Rico. That means that we can mobilize support wherever and whenever needed, including your community, when the health of your family or your state's environment is threatened!
  2. Sierra Club members have been instrumental in preserving America's wilderness and protecting our national treasures for 130 years, including Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, the Florida Everglades, the Sequoia National Monument, as well as state and local wildlife preserves and recreation areas.
  3. Sierra Club has over 3.8 million members and supporters who can be mobilized instantly to battle anti-wildlife and anti-environment politicians and corporations who are intent on reducing wildlife and wildland protections.
  4. Your Sierra Club membership touches millions of Americans each year, including over 250,000 children and adults who participate in our Sierra Club Outdoors programs that use great outdoor experiences to teach about protecting our nation's natural heritage.
  5. Sierra Club makes your voice heard! From local community issues to lobbying on a national level, your membership provides access to local Chapters and the largest national network of environmental advocates. Sierra Club makes sure that your voice is heard through congressional lobbying and grassroots actions.
  6. Sierra Club is an efficient and excellent steward of your contributions to protect and preserve America's environment. Over 86 cents of every dollar contributed to the Sierra Club are used to implement our conservation and preservation programs across the nation.
  7. Sierra Club has been instrumental in reducing America's reliance on dirty coal for energy generation. Coal burning is responsible for one-third of u.s. carbon emissions that threaten the health of our families and lead to massive climate disruption. Join the Sierra Club today to preserve and protect our families, our health, our wildlands, our wildlife, and our nation's natural heritage for generations to come.

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