Ready for 100

Cleveland Ready for 100



The time for 100% clean energy has come. Air and water pollution are putting our health at risk, undermining our quality of life, and jeopardizing our children’s future. We are too dependent on outdated and dirty fossil fuels. Today’s challenge is to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy in the United States and across the globe.  We can’t sit back as the fossil fuel industry and its lobbyists stand in the way of a real energy transformation that creates jobs and a better environment for all. We are #ReadyFor100.

The #ReadyFor100 campaign is challenging cities across the United States to step up and commit to 100% clean and renewable energy. A broad majority of Ohioans support clean energy. We now need to mobilize that public support into action.


Clean energy saves money: Stanford scientists say the transition to 100% clean energy will save the average family over $200 dollars per year in energy costs and another $1,500 per year in healthcare costs.

Clean energy creates good-paying jobs: The solar industry already employs over 200,000 people, nearly twice as many people as the coal-mining industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the two fastest-growing jobs in the country are wind turbine technicians and solar panel installers. We want these jobs here in Ohio!

Clean energy protects health and climate: No air pollution, no oil spills, no gas leaks.


This moment in history—our moment—is a critical turning point. We must accelerate the transition from dirty fuels like coal and gas to clean energy sources like solar and wind to ensure climate recovery and to fully realize the benefits of economic transition. Just as we switched from horses to cars, telegrams to telephones, typewriters to computers, and postal mail to email, we must now commit to switching from dirty fuels to clean energy.

Sierra Club members and partners across Ohio in a city near you are working to get 100% clean energy commitments from their local governments.  To join an active campaign or to start one in your community, contact:!