Solar Home Program

The Solar Homes Program is a national initiative by the Sierra Club to help accelerate the transition of our nation from dirty fossil fuels by streamlining the installation of clean energy solar systems on member's homes.

Going solar with solar installers supports the Sierra Club's most important work to preserve and protect Ohio's environment. Sierra Club Ohio will receive a significant referral payment from the soon to be selected solar installer.

Why Install a Solar System on Your Home?

  • A solar system produces clean electricity and emits no pollutants or greenhouse gases. So you are helping to clean the air and provide a healthier environment for you, your children and grandchildren. And taking an important step to slow climate change.
  • A solar system will significantly reduce the amount of dirty, fossil fuel produced electricity you need to purchase from your utility company.
  • Solar will save you money. Since the energy from the sun is free, there is almost no cost to produce power. In contrast, the power you buy from your utility, continues to cost more each year because of expensive operating and fuel costs .
  • Just as important, you are also helping to reduce America’s dependence on foreign energy and improve our security, while supporting green jobs in your community, across Ohio, and at USA manufacturing companies.

As a Sierra Club member, you’ve probably been looking for the right time to install solar. Now it is possible to put solar on your rooftop and save money in the process.” - Michael Brune, Former Sierra Club Executive Director