About Pittsburgh Ready for 100

Pittsburgh has a rich history of innovation and resiliency — we rebuilt ourselves once after the steel mills shut down and we can rebuild ourselves again.

If a town once defined by steel and coal can transition to 100% energy, why can’t everybody?

We see a bold vision for our city: a thriving clean energy economy with breathable air, lower electricity bills, and where our communities get to decide their own futures.

Pittsburgh can be a model for the country but only if we build our city together. 

yard sign in front of red brick carpenter style house with handwritten "Pittsburgh is Ready for 100" in black and gold

The Pittsburgh to Paris Moment

In 2017, the President withdrew from the Paris Accords, an international climate agreement, saying "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, Not Paris." Pittsburgh Ready for 100 seized the moment and worked with Mayor Peduto to announce that Pittsburgh would run on 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Read about the moment and the behind the scenes work that it took.

Since then, over twenty organizations rallied for our clean energy future, volunteers collected hundreds of petitions, dozens of businesses and non-profits sponsored the campaign, we've written dozens of letters to local papers, and our team has fought for a Climate Action Plan 3.0 that works for all people.

By all measures, Pittsburgh is poised for change and it's up to us to create a clean energy economy that works for everybody.

Ready for 100 Across the Country

Nationally, Ready for 100 has more than 150 active campaigns, has achieved 65 100% clean energy commitments, has nearly 200 mayors for 100%, with 6 cities that already run on 100% clean energy. Want to learn more? Read about the campaign across the country.